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Brief Introduction of Sewage Valve Factory

排泥阀 、水力控制阀、多功能水泵控制阀、倒流防止器、缓闭止回阀、软密封闸阀、排污阀及各种非标产品等,材质选用铸铁、碳素钢、铬钼钢、不锈钢、双相钢、铜合金、特种合金以及其他特殊材料,以满足不同工况条件下的使用。 Shanghai Hanyue Valve Co., Ltd. is a large-scale valve manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of various series of exhaust valves , sludge valves , hydraulic control valves, multi-function water pump control valves, backflow preventers, Slow-closing check valves, soft-sealed gate valves, blowdown valves, and various non-standard products are made of cast iron, carbon steel, chrome-molybdenum steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, copper alloy, special alloy, and other special materials. Use under different working conditions. The product design adopts "JB / T 12386-2015 water supply pipe inlet and exhaust valve", "CJ / T 217-2013 water supply pipe compound high-speed inlet and exhaust valve", "CJ / T 196-2004 diaphragm type quick opening sewage Valves, CJ / T 219-2017 Hydraulic Control Valves, CJ / T 167-2016 Multi-functional Water Pump Control Valves, JB / T 11151-2011 Low Resistance Backflow Preventer, CJ / T 216-2013 Soft-sealed gate valve for water supply and drainage "," GB / T 26145-2010 sewage valve "and other national and industry standards. Based on the concept of "creating a national brand and creating a hundred years of sweat", the company conducts extensive technical exchanges with universities, research institutes, engineering companies in various industries, system integrators, etc. in the field of fluid transportation, measurement and control ...

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Sludge valve manufacturers Production workshop

The company has excellent processing and manufacturing equipment, including machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC drilling machines, ultra-large precision ...

Sludge valve manufacturers Testing Equipment

With advanced testing, inspection and testing equipment, we have established a complete physical and chemical performance and non-destructive testing laboratory and pressure test ..